March is designated Social Work Month.  Social workers are a diverse group but share so much in common.  Social workers share a passion for helping others, fighting against oppression, a belief in the inherent worth of each person and each person’s right to self-determination.  If you know a social worker – wish them well this month.  If you are a social worker – Happy Social Worker month.  Thank you for your contribution to our world!

If you are at a loss on how to recognize Social Work Month – here are 13 ideas to get you celebrating.

  • Read some books about social work. Learn something new.  Maybe read about Jane Adams (a founder of modern day social work) or Frances Perkins (a social worker who was the first woman cabinet member when she was appointed as Secretary of Labor in 1933.)  Read some books on social work areas that interest you like child welfare or medical social work or advocacy or policy.  For some more general ideas or a place to start check out this page.
  • If you are still thinking about going to school to get a social work degree – social worker month is a great time to start looking at schools. Check out BSW and MSW degrees online and see if something hits your fancy.   Now might be the time to take that leap into getting back to school.
  • Go on a social media extravaganza. Check out different social workers social media sites.  Search Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms for #socialworker and see what pop’s up.  You can even check out this page about top social worker twitter accounts.  Create a social work month board on Pinterest.  Get on Reddit or other discussion boards and search the topic social work.
  • Donate money to a human rights or charity that promotes the well-being of people. Even $5.00 can make a difference.
  • Volunteer – A social worker’s time is precious. Giving your time to help someone else can lift your spirits.  You can share that you are a social worker but you are not just your job.
  • Go to a training you have been interested in. Take that CBT or couple’s counseling or military culture continuing education class you have been thinking about.  There are thousands of training opportunities covering every topic you may be interested in.  A great way to celebrate is honing and improving your social work skills.
  • Advocate – Write an email or make a phone call to your legislator. Part of being a social worker is advocating for policies that will better the people in our communities.
  • If you are thinking about becoming a social worker – find a social worker in your community with whom you can meet up. Find out about their experiences and what they love about being a social worker and what are their struggles with the profession.
  • If you are a social worker – offer to do a presentation – maybe a brown bag lunch meeting – about social work, its values and mission. If you work in a company that isn’t just social workers some of the other department may love to learn what social workers do.  Otherwise, there are a lot of community or school programs that are interested in finding out more about social work topics.
  • Self-care. Honor your profession and yourself by making sure you take time for yourself.  It is easy to become burned out working as a social worker.  Take time to read, or get a massage or meet up with a friend.  Spend time – even if just a little bit –doing something that is just for you and incites your joyful spirit.
  • Add one of the social work month logos you can find online at sites such as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and add it to your email for the month of March.
  • If you work at an agency – Have a potluck or pizza party to celebrate.
  • Make (or buy) small appreciation gifts to other social workers with whom you work. People appreciate being recognized and a little note thanking someone for the work they do can go a long way.  I bought my team mini hand sanitizers and holders since we go in and out of people’s homes and nursing facilities.  You don’t have to break the bank to find a token to share.

Social Work is a vibrant and honorable career.  Don’t hold back anything in celebrating Social Work Month this year!