Best in #SocialWork: Twitter Accounts to Follow

Social work has many different meanings, depending on who you’re talking to, and all those meanings are being constantly discussed, rewritten, and redefined by the most innovative professionals working in the field. While some of that conversation is in books, or on websites, part of that conversation is happening on Twitter, where many social workers share their thoughts on the current state of their profession, current events and their implications, and how the practice of social work is being transformed by growing populations, rapidly developing technology, and new research. Social work students looking to make a difference would do well to sign up for Twitter and follow the users listed below, who are pushing the conversation about social work forward 140 characters at a time.

Many factors went into the selection of Twitter accounts on this list, but they are all incredibly informative and useful for anyone interested in social work. The order was primarily determined by follower count, with some weight being given to frequency and quality of posts, and general participation in the online social work conversation.

  1. @nasw


    The official Twitter feed for the National Association of Social Workers. A great resource for those studying or working in the mental health or social work field.

    More on the Web From @nasw


  3. @SWSCMedia


    The Social Work/Social Care Twitter account shares any recent social work issues that have recently been brought up in the public media. The goal of the SWSC website is to bring students, policy makers, academics, and practitioners together in dialogue about recent social work challenges and opportunities.

    More on the Web From @SWSCMedia


  5. @SocialWorkToday


    A bimonthly magazine that shares news from the social work field including stories of success from real social workers. The Twitter account links to the magazine features, but also connects social workers to other relevant articles.

    More on the Web From @SocialWorkToday


  7. @SocialWorkNews


    The Twitter companion to the UK based social services news site An interesting source for social work news across Europe.

    More on the Web From @SocialWorkNews


  9. @terri_cole


    Terri Cole has weathered incredible obstacles in her personal life to better contribute to helping others through psychotherapy and individual social work. Between her personal and professional experiences, she is able to contribute her wide breadth of knowledge on important issues and help empower others.

    More on the Web From @terri_cole


  11. @priyankac19


    Priyanka Chaturvedi is a writer and social worker in India. Her account promotes interesting political ideas, as well as interactive discussions about books, social work, and family.

    More on the Web From @priyankac19


  13. @SherryGaba


    Sherry Gaba is a life coach who has appeared on Celebrity Rehab, as well as written the book The Law of Sobriety. Her posts promote her eBooks, her speaking engagements, as well as articles about living well.

    More on the Web From @SherryGaba


  15. @Steve_JKPBooks


    Stephen Jones is an editor at JKP Publishing and facilitates the publishing of content for social work, mental health, as well as adoption, fostering, and disability. His tweets frequently address publications pertaining to social work and other information on mental health.

    More on the Web From @Steve_JKPBooks


  17. @swhelpercom


    Social Work Helper is an online magazine dedicated to helping social work professionals find work and networking opportunities. Tweets also include relevant and recent social work news and politics.

    More on the Web From @swhelpercom


  19. @Julie_Hanks


    Julie Hanks is a mental health expert with a strong online presence. She blogs on private practice, mental health, relationships, is owner of @WasatchFamily, and author of The Burnout Cure.

    More on the Web From @Julie_Hanks


  21. @CarePathways


    Founder of Care Pathways, Mary Kay Evans uses her Twitter to connect with people interested in her work. Care Pathways offers assistance and care for the elderly and veterans.

    More on the Web From @CarePathways


  23. @shirleyayres


    Shirley Ayres works with innovative groups to help use the internet and other technologies to create better outreach with the tools of social work. Her work is distributed through podcasts and informative links.

    More on the Web From @shirleyayres


  25. @SteveLittAdvice


    Steve Litt runs Smarter Relationships and focuses on how to improve relationships and also how to better serve others in need of expert social workers. Steve’s Twitter looks at more of the relational aspects of social work and how to improve upon them.

    More on the Web From @SteveLittAdvice


  27. @KenPageLCSW


    Author of Psychology Today’s Finding Love blog, Ken Page shares interesting psychology news and articles from Psychology Today. Most advice centers on romance and how to maintain a relationship.

    More on the Web From @KenPageLCSW


  29. @socialworkplace


    A dynamic source of information about social engagement in the work place. Elizabeth Lupfer writes great tips about how to keep productivity and morale high.

    More on the Web From @socialworkplace


  31. @Ermintrude2


    Ermintrude is a registered social worker and focuses on the elderly and difficulties associated with dementia, mental health, and mental capacity over time. The tweets explore a variety of areas, especially how they intersect with other social workers.


  33. @collegeofSW


    The College of Social Work in London, England is a highly accredited center for studying the different practices within social work. Their Twitter keeps viewers constantly up-to-date on different happenings in the social work field and how to better a career.

    More on the Web From @collegeofSW


  35. @AnnBrasco


    Ann writes a fun, eccentric mix of personal and professional posts. Her tweets include advice about writing, life, and her social work.

    More on the Web From @AnnBrasco


  37. @ParentopiaDevra


    Devra Renner is the author of Mommy Guilt and a practicing social worker. Her account is a mix of parental advice, anecdotes, and political stories.

    More on the Web From @ParentopiaDevra


  39. @newsocialworker


    The New Social Worker has had a print magazine since 1994. Along with their magazine, their Twitter account helps social workers find jobs and other social work connections.

    More on the Web From @newsocialworker


  41. @RobWeissMSW


    Rob Weiss is a licensed clinical social worker and prolific author whose expertise lies in sex addiction, porn addiction, and sexual disorders. He blogs at Psych Central and tweets about relationships, therapy, and recovery from broken trust, addiction, and infidelity.

    More on the Web From @RobWeissMSW


  43. @RhondaKelloway


    Rhonda Kelloway is based out of Wheaton, Illinois and provides high quality social work and counseling services pertaining to a wealth of areas, ranging from anxiety and depression to relationship problems as well. Her Twitter is great for engaging people on what she has to offer to better their careers.

    More on the Web From @RhondaKelloway


  45. @VibrantSeniors


    Wendy A. Wilson runs Vibrant Seniors and she focuses on the intersection of social work with seniors. Her Twitter highlights the importance of social work and its implementation into everyday life.

    More on the Web From @VibrantSeniors


  47. @counseling4less


    Beth Watson’s website, Counseling 4 Less, underlines the range of counseling services they can provide people. She uses her Twitter to discuss important issues that social workers help with, as well as interesting articles, and great posts from Counseling 4 Less.

    More on the Web From @counseling4less


  49. @cindythroop


    Cindy Throop is a social science researcher in Washington, DC, as well as a social worker. She has an impressive resume of policy experience and frequently tweets great resources for social work pertinent to the work she is doing.

    More on the Web From @cindythroop


  51. @DorleeM


    Dorlee runs Social Work Career Development and it is a high-quality resource for helping social workers advance their careers. Her Twitter is great for its accessibility of career tools and tips.

    More on the Web From @DorleeM


  53. @socworkpodcast


    Jonathan Singer helps run the first podcast created by social workers to be used as a resource for social workers. Tweets help link to the podcast and other social work ideas.

    More on the Web From @socworkpodcast


  55. @MarcLaferriere


    Marc Laferriere has an esteemed career in social work, having worked at local health centers and managed non-profits as well. His Twitter promotes local social work outreach causes and worthwhile volunteering efforts.

    More on the Web From @MarcLaferriere


  57. @cathduncan


    Cath Duncan works as a social worker and grief counselor. She posts many introspective quotes and positive, inspirational anecdotes.

    More on the Web From @cathduncan


  59. @SmilingSpirit


    A spiritually centered counselor, Cherie Spehar works primarily as a trauma specialist. Her tweets are positive quotes and personal messages.

    More on the Web From @SmilingSpirit


  61. @SobukiRa


    A Twitter account that shares links and resources about child development and teen issues. A great account for information and news.

    More on the Web From @SobukiRa


  63. @SocialWorkTech


    Ignacio runs Social Work Tech and discusses the intersection of social work and technology online. His Twitter brings his social work concepts to the internet and introduces social workers to new practices.

    More on the Web From @SocialWorkTech


  65. @takeyouroxygen


    A blogger for psychology today, Dr. Jamie tweets about creativity, healthcare, and other mental health issues. His account offers information useful for both social workers and anyone seeking quality information.

    More on the Web From @takeyouroxygen


  67. @njsmyth


    Nancy J. Smyth uses her site Virtual Connections to chronicle how the field of social work is changing in the digital age. Her wealth of experience is evident in her Twitter feed and she provides in-depth social work advice.

    More on the Web From @njsmyth


  69. @Kirsty_ComCare


    Kirsty McGregor works as the editor for Community Care and reports on social workers’ pay, job opportunities, training, and education. She connects with her audience through feedback, stories, and links to pertinent social work info.

    More on the Web From @Kirsty_ComCare


  71. @DrKRandle


    A licensed clinical social worker, as well as an assistant professor, K. Randle works on the Ask the Therapist column at Psych Central. Her account is full of questions and answers, as well as psychology articles.

    More on the Web From @DrKRandle


  73. @HelpingHoldHope


    Julie Fanning is a counselor and works to bring a positive perspective to people’s lives. The quotes, questions, and links found on her Twitter contribute to that.

    More on the Web From @HelpingHoldHope


  75. @SocialJerkBlog


    An anonymous social worker out of the Bronx tweets honest confessions about the hardships and reality of social work. Humorous stories and observations show a different side of social work.

    More on the Web From @SocialJerkBlog


  77. @MattMurphymswym


    Author and social worker Matthew Murphy blogs inspirational and informational pieces about working with groups and youth. He also shares personal and other newsworthy notes.

    More on the Web From @MattMurphymswym


  79. @TamaraSuttle


    Tamara Suttle reaches out to other social workers and offers advice on how to grow their social work practice and attract clients. Her strategies prove valuable for anyone in private practice.

    More on the Web From @TamaraSuttle


  81. @MikeLICSW


    Mike Langlois’ tweets often touch on the intersection of technology, therapy, and social work, and his interest in gaming shows through in his blog and tweets. This is great stuff for parents, kids, and anyone who works with them.

    More on the Web From @MikeLICSW


  83. @TruckerTherapy


    Buck Black is a social worker and therapist specializing in working with truckers and the particular stresses and psychological problems they face. Through his personal experience with truckers, he uses his Twitter account to connect with people and propagate better relationships.

    More on the Web From @TruckerTherapy


  85. @shrinkthinks


    Martha Crawford uses What A Shrink Thinks to provide introspection on psychotherapy and social work. The Twitter account is used to publish interesting articles and pertinent psychotherapy news.

    More on the Web From @shrinkthinks


  87. @MsNicoleClark


    An activist for women and girls, Nicole Clark is an empowering social worker who shares feminist and advocacy news.

    More on the Web From @MsNicoleClark


  89. @SusanLipshutz


    Feminist, activist, and therapist Susan Lipshutz shares important posts about living life to the fullest. Excellent information about becoming braver, smarter, and fulfilled.

    More on the Web From @SusanLipshutz


  91. @TBlackwell_LCSW


    Esteemed social worker Thomas Blackwell has a wealth of experience in the field that is imperative to improving practice in social work. His Twitter tackles complex issues, along with interesting insights into being a social worker.

    More on the Web From @TBlackwell_LCSW


  93. @sonyaga


    Sonyaga Adams is an addiction counselor who writes about recovery and positive stories for those living with HIV. Her website focuses on helping those with HIV thrive and those with mental health and addiction issues find healing.

    More on the Web From @sonyaga


  95. @brain_lady


    Debra Burdick, the Licensed Clinical Social Worker who runs this Twitter account, offers great advice on avoiding stress, diminishing the negative effects of ADHD, and tips for building mindfulness into everyday life.

    More on the Web From @brain_lady


  97. @mgoat73


    Martin Webber’s Blog is a fantastic tool for gaining a larger knowledge of social work through research, teaching, podcasts and more. The Twitter functions as a useful extension of the blog, providing more up-to-date information pertaining to social work.

    More on the Web From @mgoat73


  99. @foreverfams


    A social worker who specializes in the issues surrounding adoption and foster care. Her blog at shares her insight into the emotional journey of adoption.

    More on the Web From @foreverfams


  101. @Harr_Ferguson


    Harry Ferguson teaches social work at the University of Nottingham and studies child protection, social theory, and social work. He focuses on masculinity, fatherhood, and ethnography. His tweets typically cover research and different social work issues.


  103. @ASD_specialist


    Barbara Lester posts up to date and interesting news on the field of Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders. A great account to follow for tips on how to improve the behavior and quality of life for those with ASD.

    More on the Web From @ASD_specialist


  105. @kimseelbrede


    Kim Seelbrede is a psychotherapist based in New York City who works with clients on mental issues, particularly relationship and family problems, trauma, anxiety and more. Her Twitter gives fresh content on different areas of psychoanalytics and how people can better themselves.

    More on the Web From @kimseelbrede


  107. @kyrstensinema


    Kyrsten Sinema works as both a social worker and in the Arizona senate. Her Twitter celebrates education and progressive politics.

    More on the Web From @kyrstensinema


  109. @KimWrightLCSW


    Kim Wright specializes in mental health and has been counseling for over 15 years in Pennsylvania. Her Twitter typically covers different psychological articles and she analyzes different issues in social work as well.

    More on the Web From @KimWrightLCSW


  111. @ProfSueWhite


    Sue White works as a professor of social work at the University of Birmingham Manchester. She dialogues about social work news, as well as current social work academic concepts.

    More on the Web From @ProfSueWhite


  113. @MyRelationTips


    Marta Hatter runs Revelation Counseling, a company designed to assist people with a variety of issues. Her vast experience in social work makes her a great choice and her Twitter is loaded with valuable tips, news articles, and inspirational stories.

    More on the Web From @MyRelationTips


  115. @FranMeadows


    Fran Meadows has firsthand experience with infertility and definitely understands the obstacles prospective parents face. This experience makes her a fantastic choice for an infertility advisor and she has even written a book on the subject. Her Twitter covers infertility topics and is great for seeing how to get further engaged on the issue.

    More on the Web From @FranMeadows


  117. @AMLTaylor66


    Amanda Taylor is a psychiatric social worker who specializes in mental health and has an extensive background working with deaf children and adults, as well as those with mental health issues. She uses her Twitter as a great outreach tool to help others and facilitate stronger relationships.

    More on the Web From @AMLTaylor66


  119. @willbaumlcsw


    Will Baum is a renowned psychotherapist based in Los Angeles who specializes in anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. His Twitter is loaded with great tips on psychotherapy, along with some more lighthearted material to keep an upbeat tone.

    More on the Web From @willbaumlcsw


  121. @chanvillelcsw


    Cathy Hanville is a fantastic social worker that provides counseling with a specialization on reducing anxiety. Her Twitter looks at a range of ways to reduce stress and also quality information on social work.

    More on the Web From @chanvillelcsw


  123. @MarkDworkin


    Mark Dworkin is a psychotherapist that specializes in depression, anxiety, and trauma. His deep breadth of experience really makes a significant impact on social work and his Twitter is loaded with useful articles and advice pertaining to social work.

    More on the Web From @MarkDworkin


  125. @SoulHealr


    Amber Keating is a licensed clinical social worker who regularly tweets insightful mental health tips and articles. Her blog, Soulful Healing, has useful information pertaining to subjects such as depression, addiction, grief, and other mental health topics that people will find useful to attain supplementary information on. Included as well is a high-quality list of great readings that viewers will find very useful.

    More on the Web From @SoulHealr


  127. @RobynGobbelLCSW


    Robyn Gobbel is a therapist based in Austin, Texas whose emphasis on child and family therapy has made her a standout part of the social work field, particularly concerning adoption, trauma, and attachment. Her Twitter promotes valuable content on her areas of focus, with a high quality of attention noted.

    More on the Web From @RobynGobbelLCSW


  129. @Findgblindspots


    Finding Blindspots is run by Lorraine Krane and she helps others with her expansive social work skills through a thoroughly developed program and her background in social work. She uses her Twitter to vocalize issues in social work and how to better prepare for a career in the field.

    More on the Web From @Findgblindspots


  131. @AngieBartoli


    Working at a UK university, Angie Bartoli is also an editor of a social work journal. Her Twitter is a mix of practical and academic information.

    More on the Web From @AngieBartoli


  133. @AutismSocial


    Joel Shaul is a social worker who focuses on autism and the particular struggles it imposes, not only on families, but on counseling techniques. His unique methods, including a card game with autistic dragons, have helped the entire field of social work.

    More on the Web From @AutismSocial


  135. @KatMindenhall


    Kat Mindenhall runs A Peaceful Life Counseling Services in Lakewood, Colorado and focuses intently on providing the best counseling possible on many different areas. Her Twitter is a great way to not only connect to great therapy advice, but also to get valuable insight on how therapists and social workers help people.

    More on the Web From @KatMindenhall


  137. @IsisJill


    Jill Cohen focuses on severe emotional issues including anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Her posts include links to positive mind renewal and body acceptance.

    More on the Web From @IsisJill


  139. @FinancialMSW


    Reeta Wolfsohn runs Financial Social Work and frequently tweets fantastic resources for managing money and other introspection into financial issues across the globe.

    More on the Web From @FinancialMSW


  141. @mjsaras


    Mary Jane Saras is a social worker who uses her extensive experience to advise people in work and life. She offers tools on leadership and conflict resolution that are helpful for any job.

    More on the Web From @mjsaras


  143. @HopeLCSW


    Nathaniel Hope works as a therapist in Illinois with both children and adults. His Twitter is full of mental health tips and reports.

    More on the Web From @HopeLCSW


  145. @RebJoyNov


    Rebecca Joy Novell helps people with her background in social work and uplifting stories about her experiences in the field. Her Twitter focuses on developments in the social work field and how to best approach different issues.

    More on the Web From @RebJoyNov


  147. @modsocialworker


    David Sant runs Modern Social Worker, a blog devoted to looking at contemporary issues in social work and how to confront them. His Twitter regularly posts different links of important issues in the news, with ranging connections to social work.

    More on the Web From @modsocialworker


  149. @sacredvigil


    Marty Hogan works as a social worker in hospice situations, counseling the families of terminally ill patients, as well as patients themselves. She consistently posts helpful articles about grief and the dying process.

    More on the Web From @sacredvigil


  151. @polisW


    Rachel West helps run and is a strong advocate for LGBT-related issues. She focuses on social work and advocacy initiatives on her Twitter as well.

    More on the Web From @polisW


  153. @Dave_EbaughLCSW


    David Ebaugh is an esteemed social worker based in Portland, Oregon whose primary focuses are depression, anxiety, and relationships. His Twitter looks at different aspects of his focuses and also provides interesting commentary on the material.

    More on the Web From @Dave_EbaughLCSW


  155. @Relando_T


    Relando Thompkins is a social worker who is heavily involved in the fields of social justice, equality, and diversity. His posts include excellent information on education in the field of social work, as well as other encouraging words.

    More on the Web From @Relando_T


  157. @MichelleLefevr1


    Michelle Lefevre works on the academic side of social work as editor of Social Work Education out of Sussex University. Her Twitter is full of research questions and is good for PhD students.

    More on the Web From @MichelleLefevr1


  159. @SocialWkBalance


    Social Work Balance works to equip prospective social workers with the resources, news, and knowledge to best succeed. The Twitter feed provides helpful articles and news as well.

    More on the Web From @SocialWkBalance


  161. @swrb1


    Professor Richard Barker is a social worker and works at the College of Social Work of England. His tweets frequently underline different social issues and useful information for other social workers in the field.


  163. @J_Ferraro_LCSW


    Josephine Ferraro is a psychotherapist based in New York City who regularly tweets about different psychotherapy methods for reducing stress and improving well-being. Her Twitter feed is updated regularly and provides comprehensive social work information.

    More on the Web From @J_Ferraro_LCSW


  165. @jaeran


    JaeRan Kim is a social worker and currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota where she works on the placement stability of internationally adopted children with disabilities. Her twitter is a fantastic resource for different initiatives pertinent to social work.

    More on the Web From @jaeran


  167. @selenidotorg


    Seleni Institute is a nonprofit focused on providing care to women concerning reproductive, mental health concerning pregnancy, and general well-being. Their Twitter regularly posts useful advice on women’s mental health.

    More on the Web From @selenidotorg


  169. @RobinLeighMaier


    Robin Maier offers practical, real-life tips. She encourages followers to stay positive through healthy eating, a connected marriage, and enthusiastic parenting.

    More on the Web From @RobinLeighMaier


  171. @SpvDirectory


    A directory of board approved social workers, therapists, PhDs, and counselors that list professional services and internships.

    More on the Web From @SpvDirectory


  173. @BillMartinLCSW


    Bill Martin is a teacher of social work, as well as an employee for the Chicago Center of Family Health. He tweets videos of his own therapy messages, as well as other counseling materials.

    More on the Web From @BillMartinLCSW


  175. @Adam_Russo_LCSW


    Adam Russo works out of Edgewood Clinical Services as a therapist in the suburbs in Chicago. He works closely with businesses in the community to promote healthy living and create good relationships.

    More on the Web From @Adam_Russo_LCSW


  177. @jmfriedman


    Jeff Friedman is a respected psychotherapist out of South Florida whose tweets provide a wealth of quality content on different social and cultural issues throughout the world.

    More on the Web From @jmfriedman


  179. @Marquita_B


    Marquita Bolden is a social worker who has an emphasis on stress-related problems and has intuitive methods for finding relief. Her blog provides very useful links and resources and her Twitter provides quality supplementary information.

    More on the Web From @Marquita_B


  181. @IvanDiller


    Ivan Diller tweets information about important and controversial social issues, including suicide and sexual identity.

    More on the Web From @IvanDiller


  183. @chicagoEMDR


    D. Michael Coy is a social worker based in Chicago whose experiences with treating addiction, depression, anxiety, among many other areas, make him a standout part of the social work field. He uses his Twitter to convey great articles pertaining to many different subjects.

    More on the Web From @chicagoEMDR


  185. @SoulonaRoll


    Lynn Barrette and Dynamic Counseling Services provide a wealth of knowledge regarding social work counseling with a unique blend of psychology and spirituality. Her Twitter focuses on social work issues and how people can get back to living their lives.

    More on the Web From @SoulonaRoll


  187. @WiseMindLCSW


    Psychotherapist Mark McGonigle specializes in treating trauma as well as counseling married couples. His Twitter imparts wisdom on both of these subjects.

    More on the Web From @WiseMindLCSW


  189. @bcwarrior40


    A Twitter account primarily comprised of stories about surviving breast cancer. Beverly tweets about her journey not only as a social worker, but also as a cancer survivor.

    More on the Web From @bcwarrior40


  191. @kellyogatherapy


    Kelly Coppola is a social worker based in New Jersey and New York who works to better the lives of those she works with through a combination of psychotherapy and yoga. Her Twitter focuses on the availability of her yoga classes to help better those she works with.

    More on the Web From @kellyogatherapy


  193. @NYCChildTherap


    Alicia specializes in child the treatment of mental health for children in the New York City area. Her posts include advice and articles on parenting and children and teens issues.

    More on the Web From @NYCChildTherap


  195. @JamesonMercier


    As a life coach and therapist, Jameson Mercier focuses on making his Twitter account both a positive and professional place. He posts inspirational messages, photos, and intriguing statistics.

    More on the Web From @JamesonMercier


  197. @realcaring


    Shannon McQuade and Real Caring Integrative Therapy work to provide the best social work counseling and care through a range of services. Their Twitter provides a very particular insight on a variety of issues and helps establish a better relationship with those they work for, while still providing great tools for aspiring social workers.

    More on the Web From @realcaring


  199. @MaryMoonen


    Mary Moonen tweets about different issues pertinent to social work and addiction. Her website gives a great overview of the services she offers and informs viewers on her career in social work thus far.

    More on the Web From @MaryMoonen


  201. @LCSWSpeaks


    Eva Kant is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with people through counseling efforts to improve their quality of life in areas such as career, family, stress, intimacy, and miscellaneous stresses.

    More on the Web From @LCSWSpeaks


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