Family and Child Social Work

Family and Child Social Work

Family and child social workers improve child and family social and psychological functioning. They focus on family well-being and the academic performance of children. Family and child social workers are generally both very social and enterprising. They enjoy communicating, and teaching as well as starting up and carrying out projects.

There are a few attributes that most family and child social workers possess. Like all social workers, they are people with high concern for others and empathy. They also have a high degree of attention to detail and are very dependable. Additionally, family and child social workers are adaptable and can go with the flow depending on patient needs.

Child and family social workers have a wide variety of responsibilities on the job. They often need to identify people who need help, develop and implement plans to improve their clients’ well-being, research and refer clients to community resources, and respond to crisis situation such as child abuse or domestic violence. By addressing these issues, and more, family and child social workers can become instrumental in shaping the future of children and their families.

Education Requirements for Family and Child Social Work

The most common requirement for a career in family and child social work is a bachelor’s degree in social work, although it’s not uncommon to find practitioners with a degree in social work or psychology. Some positions require a master’s degree in social work (MSW) and up to two years of post-master experience in a clinical setting.

All states have some type of certificate or licensure requirement to become a professional in the field of family and child social work, and these requirements vary by state. Becoming a licensed clinical social worker usually requires a master’s degree and 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience after graduation.

After attaining the required training and certification, practitioners will be able to effectively administer counseling, interview clients and family members, consult with teachers and administrators, and address legal issues among performing other skills.

Average Salary for Family and Child Social Work

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the mean annual wage of Child, Family, and School Social Workers at $46,060, or $22.14 per hour. This number is dependent on experience, education, industry, and location.

The highest paying industry for family and child social workers is in Elementary and Secondary Schools. These employees make an average of $60,480 per year. The second highest industry for family and child social workers is home health care services, at $51,060 per year. Below is a list of the highest paying states in annual mean wage:

  1. New Jersey: $62,380
  2. Connecticut: $61,800
  3. Rhode Island: $60,170
  4. Minnesota: $59,830
  5. Illinois: $55,470

Programs in Family and Child Social Work