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The Social Work Student’s Guide to Networking

Whether you’re still researching MSW programs or just about to graduate, it’s never too early to begin networking. While it’s certainly beneficial for a future social worker to be inherently outgoing, there’s more to networking than just chit-chat. Networking in 2014 is different than it was fifty years ago or even ten years ago for that matter. There are more opportunities both on- and offline to get involved. Here are ten tips for how a future social worker can begin to grow their network and land that job interview.

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How Social Workers (and MSW Students) Can Overcome Burnout

In the recent years, more and more individuals are missing work due to something called “burnout syndrome.” This can be particularly tasking for social workers as they are often loaded down with multiple cases at once. Then add on the pressure of maintaining this level of stress every day, and a person is bound to become overwhelmed sooner or later.

So how can you recognize this sort of creeping burnout and intervene before it ruins your productivity, alters your personality and compromises your physical and emotional health? To get you started, we’ve put together this list most common burnout symptoms.


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9 Most Useful Online Resources for Social Workers

Social work is a wide and growing field. Social workers face numerous, challenging obstacles in their careers. Schooling and training are meant to give them the foundation they need, and prepare social workers to work in a variety of situations like schools, private clinics, and other places. More and more often, additional resources are popping up online to help continue to support social workers in their emotional and professional lives.

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What is Social Work?

It’s hard to describe all that the field of social work is, and can be. It means many different things to all the people who work in the field. If you decide to pursue an advanced degree in social work and start working professionally, you’ll run into a wide array of opinions on the subject.

That said, the Dalhousie Department of Social Work and the Health Sciences Students Association (DalHSSA), has produced a wonderful video that attempts to answer a tough question…”What is Social Work?”

Top Eight Characteristics of a Successful Social Worker

Social work is a challenging, rewarding, and dynamic field. But it’s also a demanding profession, requiring emotional and personal maturity. Employers look for candidates who possess workplace readiness skills that include much more than a desire to help others.

Below you’ll find a list of the top eight characteristics that comprise a model social worker in today’s complex health and human services system.

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