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You are a Social Work Graduate! Now what?

Congratulations if you just graduated with a BSW or MSW.  You have your diploma in hand and a party to celebrate but now what?

Now it is time to be a social worker!  A few thoughts for new graduates to consider.  (And a great reminder to us who have been around a bit!)

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You are a Tea Pot. (Guide to self-care for Social Workers and Everyone else!)

A weird phenomenon in a society that is so much instant gratification and making sure “I” get my fair is that individuals are notoriously bad at self-care.  Individuals take their responsibilities seriously and want to do great jobs at being a Social Worker, Parent, Friend, Caretaker or son or daughter, that all energy is focused on this task.  It is admirable to live up to responsibilities and care for others, but there are pitfalls to not also focusing on self.

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Life is meant to be lived not endured…

Have you ever heard of an elevator speech? This is a short introduction you might give someone to explain who you are or what your job is. The idea is you will intrigue someone to learn more about you in order to bring in more clients or champion your cause.

It might seem obvious that mine might start with “I’m a social worker who…” And I am a social worker and I am proud to be a social worker but that isn’t how my elevator speech starts.

“Hi, I’m Julie and I have a passion to help people live the life they want to live.”  That is it. That is what it means to me to be a social worker. I support people in their quests to live their best life.  To live their passions rather than just getting by. No matter what your role is as a social worker – you are likely helping people improve the quality of their lives and you do it by meeting them where they are and with the dreams they have. I believe that life is so much more for people who live their passion so of course I want to help everyone do so.

The thing is, sometimes people in helping professions such as social workers, nurses, teachers and many others- know how to help others reach their goals but full a little bit short of making their own goals. I am definitely guilty of sometimes forgetting to take my own advice. Below are some tips to living your passion that not only can you pass on to clients but you can remember so you are following your own passion.

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